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Wallfly: Where you at?

Wallfly is a new, beautiful way to plan your day and keep up with friends. Log in and have fun without you ever having to open the app! Just create a Checkpoint and join the fun of effortless automatic check-ins with your friends and family.

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Real-time Statistics

Stay Informed

Want to know how many people are at the party? How about the number of guys and girls? Wallfly tells you this and more with real-time statistics.


Get Notified

Trailing makes it easy to keep up with your friends. Wallfly will tell you whenever they enter or leave a checkpoint, so you can meet up anywhere.

Map View

Get a Fly's-Eye View

Want a quick fly's-eye look at the checkpoints near you? Switch to the new Map View and see what's up wherever you are.

It's all about location!

Know Before You Go

Don't waste time and money going out blind. Real-time checkpoint statistics allow you to see a snapshot of where you're going, without ever leaving your house. When you enter the checkpoint, you're automatically checked in, and the stats are updated.

Feature 1

See What Friends Are Doing

Trailing is a request-only feature that tells you when your friends check into and out-of a checkpoint. Want to know when your friend is leaving so you can get ready? Has your best friend made it home yet? Just trail them to find out.

Feature 2

View Nearby Checkpoints

Sometimes timelines get boring, and you just want a quick look at what's going on around you. Check out the Map View for a quick glance at all the checkpoints near your current location. It's the perfect way to decide on the fly.

Feature 3